Posted by: ntrack354 | January 3, 2010


This is my new blog dedicated to talking about Wizard101!!! My in-game name is Natalie Crowshard and I am a Grandmaster Theurgist(life). I have many other characters but Natalie is my favorite because she is the wizard I began with when I first started this MMO. My characters are:

Natalie Crowshard-Grandmaster Theurgist (Life)

Paige Crowshard-lvl 38 Sorcerer (Balance)

Caroline Crowshard- lvl 8 Pyromancer (Fire)

Kestrel Crowshard-lvl 1 Necromancer (Death)

Sierra Crowshard-lvl 1 Diviner (Storm)

Alicia Crowshard-lvl 1 Conjurer (Myth)

The only school I don’t have is Ice (Thaumaturge).

I call my blog Eternally Green because no matter how many wizards that I make, I will still have bits and pieces of each school following me during my wizard travels-especially life!! Check back for many posts about my adventures on Wizard101!



  1. HI! its vanessa from teh game. c(: i ♥ ur website!

  2. lalalla my website in the website name lol

  3. ok here it is:

  4. ok here is my website thing:

    there. lol

  5. ok. r u still a member? o_O hi again. lol

    • yeah i still have membership. you really should get one!!! p.s. when will gabby be on??? does she have a blog?

  6. Hey I’ll make a blog about wiz101 soon……..

    • btw I’m destiny from wiz101 😛

  7. Here’s a link to my unfinished wizard101 blog/website (in my name) sorry if I’m stealing your idea Natalie, I thought of doing one since I spend most of my spare time on wiz101 xD

    • i dont see the link. btw have u seen my blog thing? btw btw hi!

      • It’s in her name, the link is lol. Click on her name and it’ll bring you to her page!!!

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