Posted by: ntrack354 | January 18, 2010

Confused? Indeed I Am

Hi, fellow viewers! I am asking a question to all of you. Most of the time a blogger would receive questions to answer, but today I have a question to ask my viewers.

I have been stuck with my blogroll. I have seen many, many, many blogs that I would like to add to my blogroll but are not a WordPress (I have absolutely NOTHING against Blogspot by the way) blog, and so I have no idea how to add them to by WordPress blogroll! If you are a WordPress blogger, you probably have seen the little gray bar with tabs at the top of a WordPress site, that is if you are logged in.  If you were on another person’s WordPress blog, you may have the option to go to the tab “Blog Info”, and three buttons down will be “Add to Blogroll”. That’s how I know for sure to get a WordPress blog onto my blogroll. I have asked many people but no one has gave me an answer! So if anyone has answers, please comment!

Also, another viewer question I have is about the WordPress blogs I HAVE added to my blogroll. Just so you know I have three WordPress blogs. So one day, I was checking my very first blog and if there were any comments. A few days earlier I had added one of my friend’s WordPress Wizard101 blogs to Eternally Green’s blogroll, at least I was TRYING to. But when I checked my W101 blog site, the blog I added wasn’t there! As I was looking at my first blog’s blogroll, I noticed that my friend’s blog that was supposed to be added to Eternally Green was there! So how do I get it on my most recently created blog, Eternally Green? Comment if you know because I really want the blogs on my blogroll for people to look at!!



  1. Well I went out into the internet and found this. I think it’s what you needed?

    If it doesn’t work I’ll try and help you out a bit more >_> I don’t have much experience with WordPress though xD

    Welcome to the Spiral by the way.

  2. Thank you sooooooooooooo much it totally worked!!!! I’ll be sure to add your blog too!

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