Posted by: ntrack354 | January 18, 2010

Myth House Test Realm

If you have been on the Wizard101 Test Realm recently, you’ll know that we got a TON of practice crowns for it!!!!(for those of you who don’t know about the Test Realm, anything bought, changed, or sold in the Test Realm will not effect the real game at all). So, me and my friend each bought houses(I bought Myth, Amber Icegem bought Death), Guardian and Overlord outfits and Black Stallions using our crowns!!! I also bought a Red Dragon mount and an Eye of Bartelby treasure card pack. I have 57,855 gold left!!! I don’t remember how many crowns we started out with but it was a lot considering I bought 5 things and still have that many left!!! Anyway here are some pics of me and my house:



  1. yeah I have a myth on the live realm they rock. In my main yard on the first level of the hosue I have a very Moo shu look in the pool house I have a very krock look inside I have a very well Dunno what you’d call it good luck in game
    the storm wiz.silverheart

  2. Hey nice blog! I have that house on the live realm but I think you’ve seen it lol. – Olivia (Destiny Moonblade)

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