Posted by: ntrack354 | March 2, 2010

A Ton of News….Yikes

Hey peeps. I really don’t know what to post about. I haven’t posted for about, well, forever. I’m sick along with Jessica. I hate being sick. Poo. Makeup work too. I’m prob out tomorrow too so I’ll just do it then. 😦 I’m postponing the release of my horoscope till I get more ideas. Probably till April. My birthday’s at the end of March! Yay! I will get an account on Diary of a Wizard for my birthday.

My friend, Amber Icegem and I threw a surprise birthday party for Destiny MoonBlade, whose birthday is thursday. YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DESE!!! There. My birthday shout-out. 😀  Destiny runs the blog Forever Wizard, which you can find on my blogroll. I tried to upload pictures but it wouldn’t work I:

Lastly, I FINALLY GOT TWITTER!!! 😀 you can find be at @greenshard or search Natalie Crowshard. I’ve followed almost all the bloggers and so yeah 😀 😀 I think I’m done now….. O WAIT!!! before I conclude this awesome yet random post, I have to say Paige finally got to Dragonspyre and earned her master placement! Woowoo!! She beat Cyrus WHICH WAS SOOOOO HARD cause I had to force quit cause my computer froze. 😦 I had a good start on him too!! I thought I was gonna die, but my wonderful Flame Guardian minion helped me through it 😀 😀 I named him Dooley 😛 So that’s my news for the day.

Ok, well this post really isn’t over. Dang, I have a lot to catch up on!! I bought my noob a life house 😀 😀 Caroline, I bought it for. I had gotten crowns a while back but didnt tell anyone. 😛

LASTLY, if I know you on Skype, I have news. My computer that had a virus (it’s a Windows Vista) is now all betta!!! What we had to do was download software that deleted everything we ever had, which included the virus. So basically, it’s like we bought the computer new. It has nearly nothing on it. Soon my bro will download everything back on and Skype will be back and running awesomenessly!! I WILL BE ABLE TO TALK!! WOOHOO!!!

Bye for now!



  1. Better watch out, we might throw you a party 😉

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