Posted by: ntrack354 | March 28, 2010

New Robe!!

OH YEAH ROCKIN THE NEW ROBE!! I just got it today for farming Mally!! Actually I got it from the chest, along with Ruined Painting (which costs about 5000 crowns in game really) and some random athame. I dyed everything to match my hat, and when I got the robe it was a very ugly light green and silver. Someday I think I am going to stitch it, when I’ve got the crowns.  Here are some pics!

So far, I have my boots, robe and I love my Avalanche’s blade (not shown in the pictures), and so I wanna keep that. Also My current ring is better than my Grandmaster ring, and the Grandmaster ring I’ve gotten twice. I have the Seal of the Steward. Now all I need is my athame, deck and hat!!

Also congratulations to David TitanRider, Dustin MoonCatcher, Kestrel ShadowThistle, and Samantha ThunderDust for completing Kensington Park and attempting their first LiveStream Podcast! The  podcast part could use a little work, but hey, it was their first try!! It takes a lot of effort to withstand 3 straight hours of Marleybone!!

Bye for now!!



  1. O: congrats! It’s really strange that we both got our robes yesterday lol. I’m still kinda sick, I think I have a fever, but i’ll be on around 2:00 pm. Happy birthday!

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