Posted by: ntrack354 | April 2, 2010

New Segment!

Ok this one isn’t the housing segment, but the other one. I’m going to have a weekly contest called “Who owns that downright demented face?” Lol it will have a picture of an NPC (non-player character) taken from the inside-out. What you will do is comment on the page with your guess. The first person to guess the face correctly will get a pat on the back, or maybe later a group of treasure cards. The first few weeks may be practice until I have a good layout going. Eventually I might have harder ones and give out treasure cards as prizes. The page with these pics will be called WOTDDF, since I don’t wanna spell the whole thing out xD. Good luck! It’ll be weekly, updated usually on Sundays, like the tips. I’m getting an early start this week, but since this weeks will be so easy (I hope lol) I am going to update again in two days on Sunday the 4th.

See you later, Alligators! (notice my new concluder, thanks Chase!)


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