Posted by: ntrack354 | April 23, 2010

So Sudden…?

I was talking with Amber Nightshade about our blogs, and we both agree. So, before Monday, I, along with Amber, will be switching to Blogger. I know you guys may not have seen much of her blog, but she really is excited to make the switch. I think you will enjoy her blogging style very much. She has a lot of humor, which definitely adds a lot of emphasis to posts. It will give us some boost to our blogs. We are both planning on making our blogs better in Blogger, and hopefully we will come through with that. I have been thinking about it for a while, and I created that poll and more people said to move to Blogger than to stay. I have been blogging with WordPress for about 3 years, so it will be hard to move away from my blogging home, and into an unknown world. Amber is new to all of this, so it shouldn’t be hard for her to adjust. Thanks for all your time reading this blog and voting on my poll! By the way here is the address to WickedWandWavers, a.k.a. Amber’s blog. Check it out before it’s gone for good!

See ya later, Alligators!

In a while, Krokodiles!


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