Avvies + Siggies

These are some awesome avatars/signature pieces (I’ll call them siggys mostly) that I have made on Photoshop!!!!

Here is my Life siggy:

My Death siggy (p.s. I took most of the quotes from the books in their schools and some I just read and created the quotes based on the info!!!)

My Myth siggy:

My Storm siggy:

My Fire siggy:

My Ice siggy:

And my last school siggy, Balance!

Here is my Bartleby siggy:

And here is the siggy I made for Paige:

And Nat’s siggy I have to get from another user but eventually it will be here AND look for it on my header!!!



  1. Sweet, I just noticed your blog! I love the siggys lol! Are you on W101C? Check out my blog by clicking my name. Once again, great site!!

    • Thanks!! Yup I made them all on Photoshop. Yeah my W101C name is BaileyBaxter and I’m part of the Artsy Wizards social group. Thanks again!! BTW I’ll add your blog to my blogroll!

  2. Do you have a signature shop? I’ve found a few on Central, but yours are really nice. I’d love to order one if you’re in business… How many over-powered Tritons do you want from me?

  3. Nah I am a part of Artsy Wizards group in W101C, and we tried to make a siggy shop but it didn’t work. But I’d love to make you one!!!! Hmm idk how many tritons do you suggest???? 10 maybe? Thanks a lot!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ if you want send me a comment about what kind of siggy you want or you can email me at eternallygreen50@gmail.com and email me some photos of your characters if you want a char siggy. or just tell me what theme of siggy you want!! πŸ™‚

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