Sig Shop

I have had a request to make a siggy!!!!

It’s from Dustin MoonCatcher from the WordPress blog, Wizard101 Info.  I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! So thank you, thank you 😀 😀 😀 but anyways I have thought I should start a new shop that I am really excited about also. Here’s everything I can make:


  • Student Siggy–send me a pic of your character(s) thru email and include info like what level and school he/she is and I’ll photoshop a siggy for him/her!!!
  • Teacher/School Siggy– I make siggies of teachers or schools in W101 just like the ones on my Avvies+Siggies page of my blog
  • Other people/places in the game–anything else from the game I haven’t covered yet!!
  • Wizard blogs/sites– I can make you a regular signature piece to represent your blog/site
  • Wizard Social Groups– I can make special siggies for any wizard101 social groups such as Wizened Wizards
  • FB, MySpace, Twitter, Youtube– I can make siggies to represent your page on any of those sites
  • W101C Pages–I can make a siggy to represent your W101C page
  • Avatars–I can make just your basic avatar to represent yourself on any site

I might add more depending on if I get more ideas!! I charge whatever you think is a right price, but I charge in Treasure cards. Sometimes I might have special sales like “2 avatars for 5 Fire Dragon cards!!!” or something. If you are interested, email me at:!!



  1. Lol! I know, you asked me in game about this. I actually would like 2 sigs, one for myself (Dustin MoonCatcher) and one for the blog I share with my cousin, WIZARD 101 INFO! Um, I’ll email you soon with the info.
    You’ve got a great blog going, Natalie.

  2. Somehow I didn’t discover your blog until yesterday. Lol. Well, anyway, I was thinking it would be cool if you could make me an avatar for my twitter. The ones I have are really hard to see. Feel free to use any pictures on my blog, and any on my connectx (, and if you need more, just tell me! It needs to be a picture that is still see-able when it is really small. Thanks!

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