Wow I’ve been REALLY busy lately with school and all. We have the big state testing this week 😦 I can’t wait until summer-no school, no homework, and blogging all day! Here is my new “WOTDDF?”. I will try my hardest to at least post a new pic on Sunday again. Good luck!



  1. Falmea?

  2. YESS! It is Falmea! Give yourself a pat on the back xD I told you guys it was eazy. I’ll be changing it again tomorrow.

  3. Is it a krok?

  4. Alhazred!!!

  5. Closee!!! Amber: No, please be more specific. Kestrel: Nope, but very close!!!

  6. either Cyrus or………… Shalek the wise?

  7. YESSS!!!! It is Shalek the Wise!! lol haha Cyrus 😛 Good job!! Next one will be posted: Sunday!!

  8. I’m with viawizard

  9. Gloria Krendal in old town?

  10. Hooray!! Yes it is Gloria Krendal in Olde Town! Next “WOTDDF?” will be posted on Sunday!

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