Random Pics

These are some Pics I’ve took throughout my W101 (mis)adventures!!

Battling Wimpy Gobblestone

Haha overkill!!

Me and Donna having Wizardly Fun.

Destiny a Grandmaster! Sorry I couldn’t get a very good pic but it’s still the very second she becomes a GM!!



Usually I can manage a 2-3 thousand, but this was insane for me . ☺

MATCHING OUTFITS!!!! YEAH!!! (w/ Dese and Madi)

We’re playing our own version of Harry Potter, except Harry is Haley and Ron is Rosie cause they’re girls 😛

This is my main header image ☺

Here is a random pic of me in my friend’s Fire house teleporter!!

Here’s my friend, Zachary Dragon in his skeleton outfit! Scary….BOO!

These are some pics I took of my friend, Amber Icegem, and me in our matching Guardian outfits and Black Stallions at my new Myth house on Test Realm!!

Here are some of me on my mount…

These are just random pics I took in Haunted Cave and Triton Avenue.



  1. omg nice salute nat lolzlove the pics

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