*When you set up traps and blades, everything plays out reversed to how you set it up. So, let’s say you were a Life student battling Ghost of Sylvia Drake. If you set up death traps, then a convert from life to death, then life traps, that would play out just perfectly because it will play in the order life traps, convert, death traps, which is reversed how you set it up.

Bye for now!!



  1. I only wish I knew about this trick when I was an Apprentice Diviner! Being a GrandMaster, I know it now, but it is USEFUL for everything. EVERYTHING! Great tip.

  2. I knew this at my lower levels for one reason only I had about 4 months after finishing the free play and before getting crowns so I knew that from my Kracken farming and Sargent skull spliter farming too 🙂

  3. oh okay now i get stacks i never got that before XD

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